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Developing the “Who” in You

As any investor knows when evaluating a venture, the most important factor to consider is the “Who.” Who is the founder and team, and can they get the job done? Yet founders too often focus on optimizing everything but themselves. Innovator Mindset® is a Network Connect partner that is working to close this gap.

Compelling research on hundreds of diverse entrepreneurs highlights the crucial importance of the founders’ mindset on the success of their venture. Innovator Mindset has developed a self-paced elearning program called Mindset Trek that focuses on developing the mindset of world class innovators—a mindset that is associated with dramatically higher value creation and significantly less new venture failures. Mindset Trek provides detailed personal feedback on your mindset and how to develop it, as it takes you down a path that reveals how to make those shifts.

The Network Connect has negotiated a special discount for the entrepreneurs we work with, to take Mindset Trek. To listen to a short introductory video and sample the first few trails in Mindset Trek, go to: Then, if you decide to continue, you can use the code NetConnect21 to get a 15% discount.

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