(“A Clear Line of Sight“) provides the first and only, fully customizable SaaS platform designed for CEOs and C-suite leaders of complex organizations worldwide. It allows senior leaders to obtain real-time, anytime, 360° perspective briefings, and enabling them to see every initiative at any organizational level, and their effects and high-level outcomes. The company generates revenues through direct B2B primary customer sales (70% of total) and from partnerships with leading national and international consulting firms (30% of total) that service large-midsized corporations and nonprofits. To scale its growth, the company plans to launch “Land and Expand” viral expansion within established accounts (e.g., New York Life, YMCAs). Addressing an untapped market of $35+ billion, during Q1-Q2 2016, the company generated sales revenues of about $335,000 and shows potential to achieve total sales of $1.6 million in 2016. Management team strengths include extensive experience in corporate strategy implementation (ING Asia – management of 24 business units in 12 countries; $500M International Non-Profit), launching and growing new companies and non-profit management (Habitat for Humanity Hartford). Support team strengths include extensive experience in launching and growing new companies (e.g., Keurig Coffee, Office Depot International, TPG, Hong Kong, Walnut Venture). Already an acquisition target, the team expects gross-profit projections to achieve 3X-5X ROI within 24-36months and 7X-10X within 48-84 months.