G&A HR Advantage – Human Resource starter package

G&A Partners believes in the impact small businesses have on the community and wants to support Minnesota’s entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing them with the tools and resources they need to start off correctly, prosper profitably and take better care of their employees.  That’s why G&A is offering Network Connect companies access to its G&A HR Advantage starter package.  HR made easy by G&A Partners.

G&A Partners specializes in providing employers with:    

  • Expert HR support and compliance assistance from a team of professionals to help with everything from recruiting, drafting employee policies and procedures, and complying with federal and state employment regulations.
  • Easy and error-free payroll processing with help from a dedicated payroll specialist.
  • Access to high-quality and affordable employee benefit plan options that help organizations take better care of their employees and attract top talent.
  • Risk management and workplace safety experts that can help organizations identify potential hazards and provide a safer working environment for their valued employees.
  • Access to easy-to-use HR technology systems that optimize and automate tedious HR and administrative tasks without the high cost of owning you own system
  • One stop shop for all things HR related.

Click here to access your starter package.

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