Cleantech Open Midwest: Accelerate Your Business!

If you have a big idea that could help solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges, join the planet’s biggest cleantech accelerator.

Clean Tech MidwestThe Cleantech Open Midwest, run by the University of St. Thomas Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, provides entrepreneurs and technologists the resources needed to launch and create sustainable clean technology companies. We do this through our accelerator program that provides participants with training, mentoring, infrastructure, relationships and funding opportunities to help grow into world-class cleantech companies. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get in just five months:

  • World-class mentoring: receive intensive, tailored mentoring from experienced business experts and gain access to one of the world’s only cleantech-specific expert networks
  • Networking: connect to a powerful national network of influencers and entrepreneurs
  • Visibility: showcase your startup to investors, strategic partners, and customers through
    specialized connection events
  • Hands-on training: 12-week series of intensive workshops and bootcamps to launch your startup
    to the next level

What can I win?
Cleantech Open accelerator companies compete for prizes valued from $10,000 regionally to $200,000 nationally, including cash and in-kind services. More than that, you’re winning the opportunity to advance your company faster than you imagined, gain a reputation in the clean technology sector and build your future the way to want.

What’s the Cost?
Because corporate sponsors cover most of the costs and volunteers donate their time, your cost for the world’s leading cleantech accelerator is $150 to apply, and if accepted, about $1,000 per company.

What types of companies apply?

  • Energy generation, distribution, storage and efficiency
  • Chemicals and advanced materials
  • Information and communications technologies
  • Green building
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture, water & waste

Cleantech Open Midwest |
Steven Webster, Director | | 517-290-4220

Who’s eligible?

  • At the time of application, your startup must have raised less than $1M from private third party
    funding and less than $5M from all other sources.
  • You must have at least two members on your team, and at least one must be a United States or
    Canadian resident, citizen or legal alien.
  • You must have a physical U.S. or Canadian address and your company must have activities based
    there. You must apply within the region where the majority of your team works or is resident.

To apply for the Cleantech Open Midwest, that means Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin.

What’s the 2016 Timeline? (dates are tentative)

  • May 1: Application deadline.
  • Late May: First Round Judging: Selected participants announced.
  • June: Participate in a national Academy, either in Boston or Silicon Valley.
  • July-September: Webinars & Videos; one-on-one help from mentors in your field; and Regional
  • Business Clinic & Mock Judging.

From the second week in July to mid-September you have access to webinars that provide an opportunity to ask questions that can further your business, and gain access to videos that cover each of the Cleantech Open’s 10 focus areas.

In August you will attend at least one business clinic. These provide you the opportunity to meet one-on-one with subject matter experts in each area of your business model. You’ll also pitch to a panel of judges who provide real-time feedback to help refine your pitch in preparation for final judging.

  • August: Regional Business Clinic to meet one-on-one with subject matter experts in each area of the business model.
  • September: Final submissions of business worksheets, executive summary and pitch presentations.
  • October: Regional Judging and Awards – Present live to judges who will select the Finalist teams that go on to the Global Forum to compete nationally for the National Grand Prize.
  • December: Global Forum: The Global Forum is the culmination of the year’s accelerator. You will have opportunities to showcase, meet prospective investors and present to a live audience.

So if you want to engage subject matter experts in a 10-week series of Cleantech Open training webinars; gain access to our mentor, investor and sustainability programs; take advantage of showcasing opportunities at regional and national events; and get passes to all regional and most national events for you and your team members, this is the best $1,000 your company will ever spend.

Since its inception in 2006, the Cleantech Open has accelerated 1,036 startups, leading to $1.135 billion in external capital and 3067 jobs created. The Cleantech Open Midwest, a division of the Cleantech Open, was founded in 2010 and serves the clean technology community in a 13-state footprint.

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