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Dan Loague

Bill Griffin, Koolbridge Solar, Wrightsville Beach NC

Koolbridge Solar (“Gateway to the Intelligent Home“) provides the Smart Load Center, a unique, intelligence driven, solar-ready breaker box that selects utility, solar, battery, wind or generator power as the most economical use of power for homes. With it, homes have continuous electrical power when the grid goes down. Primary market targets are homeowners of new residences (90,000+ homes/month) and additionally 132+ million existing homes that are potentially solar- ready. Secondary target markets include commercial businesses (e.g., supermarkets, restaurant chains, gas stations) and multifamily homes (e.g., apartment buildings, condominiums). With a total appraised IP value of $33,700,000 by Aranca, the company’s technology has three issued patents, and also eleven U.S. and four international applications pending. Company management strengths include extensive experience in solar company operations, ICT/telecom (Ericsson), investment (Smith Barney and Capital Investment Companies, NASDAQ), corporate management, and expertise in wireless technology (350+ patents; Bluetooth). Support team strengths include extensive experience in power electronics, investment, solar architecture and design, and sustainable energy. The company plans to build strategic alliances with leading residential breaker box manufacturers (e.g., GE, Eaton Corporation, Honeywell) and residential solar installation and distribution companies (e.g., NRG Energy, Solar City). The company is offering opportunities for purchase of equity and warrants to support additional R&D and network development, and launch of sales.