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    Sam Romain

    * * * F O R I M M E D I A T E R E L E A S E * * *

    For more information about Silicon Prairie Online, contact David V Duccini at 651-645-7550 or

    For more information about AltoIRA, contact Eric Satz at (877) 673-1557 or

    November 28, 2018, Saint Paul, MN – Silicon Prairie Online ( the first investment
    crowdfunding portal company to link blockchain based distributed ledgers under an Initial
    Crowd Offering model is pleased to announce the ability to invest with a Self-Directed
    Individual Retirement Account (SD-IRA) through an integration with AltoIRA (, the
    premier alternative asset IRA solution for investors. This partnership brings the first ever taxadvantaged
    investment opportunities to both accredited and non-accredited investors of
    Silicon Prairie offerings.

    “Now everyone can tap into their traditional or Roth IRA or 401K funds and make self-directed
    investments in private companies,” said Silicon Prairie’s Founder and CEO David Duccini. “This
    is a game changer for investment crowdfunding” he enthused, “Why bother chasing venture
    capitalists and angel investors when people you know could invest in your big idea. Also, being
    able to take a part of my retirement funds and invest in local breweries and real estate is a
    boon to my diversification out of the stock market,” he said. Duccini was the first person to use
    the integrated system, to invest in Minnesota based Foremost Brewing Cooperative.

    “Linking AltoIRA’s solution to our portal is a dream finally realized”, Duccini said, stating that
    “Investment crowdfunding represents a true democratization of capital!” Entrepreneurs and
    small business owners have unprecedented access to public capital. With the 2012 passage of
    the JOBS Act and the subsequent +38 states that have approved versions of intra-state
    investment crowdfunding, over $40BN has been raised to date with a projected total market
    opportunity of over $1.2 trillion according to Goldman Sachs.

    “We created Alto with a simple goal: to build a platform that allows people to invest their
    retirement savings in the opportunities that make sense to them and build a portfolio of
    alternative assets that includes current income opportunities like real estate and stakes in
    private companies. AltoIRA is excited to be at the forefront of these changes in investment
    strategy and practice – important for everyone planning for retirement, no matter their age or
    stage.,” said AltoIRA founder and CEO, Eric Satz.

    Silicon Prairie Online operates in MN, IA, WI, MI and nationally under Regulation Crowdfunding

    The AltoIRA funding option is immediately available on all Silicon Prairie Portals and on Partner
    Portals in Minnesota and Colorado.

    AltoIRA, based in Nashville, TN, operates The Alternative IRA, an easy-to-use, automated
    platform for investing in alternative assets with retirement savings. AltoIRA empowers all
    investors to diversify their retirement portfolios in line with industry best practices – better
    positioning themselves to generate higher returns for their future retirement.

    For more information about Silicon Prairie Online, contact David V Duccini at 651-645-7550 or

    For more information about AltoIRA, contact Eric Satz at (877) 673-1557 or

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